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Modern Guarding

Golden Eye has a proven track record in the Security fraternity with regards to guarding and perimeter protection with large companies.

In the often lonely world of security, it is important that staff are given visible and active supervisory support.  The quality of a guard’s work and morale will only be maintained at a constant high level if provided with adequate and skilled supervision.  It is important that they feel that they can rely on management support, and a 24 hour channel to senior members.

Armed Response

Our armed response division is  a fully registered, SAIDSA accredited operation, that complies with all the relevant requirements as determined by the Regulating Authorities such as PSIRA.  We pride ourselves in protecting lives, assets and profit with professionalism.  A licenced certificate as issued by ICASA in terms of the Telecommunications Act and the Radio Regulations currently in force in terms of section 95(4) of the Telecommunications Act, is available on request.


In our commitment towards maintaining a continuous high service level, it is our objective to conduct monthly in service training as part of our successful quality control.  Golden Eye Security has a PSIRA accredited training facility, established in 2003 where security grading courses are presented.  

During training sessions delegates and students (including our own staff and management) are educated on a comprehensive range of relevant aspects which includes:

  • Specific site instructions and requests from our client
  • Complying with the ISO SBS system should the client be listed
  • Access control, we comply with the access system of the client
  • Patrol and Inspections
  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Our employees are required to do written examinations and the current pass rate is 98 %
  • We present PSIRA accredited Grading Courses

Our recruitment policy stipulates that only PSIRA registered staff, thoroughly screened by our personnel department, be employed.

Closed Circuit Television

Digital Camera Systems
Digital & Analogue Video Storage
Video Transmission Systems
Video Motion Detection
Multi Camera Matrix Systems
Networked Systems 
Systems supported:  Sony, Samsung, Reditron, Panasonic, etc
2P Systems

Access Control Systems

PC & Network based Card Access Systems
Time & Attendance Systems
Building Management Systems
Gate and Door Automation
Turnstiles and Security Booms
Intercom Systems
Biometric Systems

Intruder Detection Systems

Hardwired and Wireless Alarm Systems
Electrified Fencing


Why choose Golden Eye?

Golden Eye Security complies with all client requirements and procedures as well as all relevant Safety Acts.

We at Golden Eye Security believe that no organisation operates successfully without proper and effective communications.  Addressing these requirements, our control facility is well equipped with UHF two-way communication systems, ensuring contact not only with our personnel, but also to all emergency services.  In areas where weak signal reception is experienced, mobile phones are used to maintain proper communications.

We are currently guarding assets in the excess of R7 Billion nationally.  References are available on request.